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a r e
t h e

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a n d

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C o d e s ?

Emotion Code from Lynda Brettle

Emotion Code:

Created in the USA by holistic chiropractor and teacher Dr Bradley Nelson, the Emotion Code is designed to help you:

  • Resolve physical discomfort
  • Ease emotional wounds
  • Conquer self-doubt
  • Restore love to relationships
  • Break cycles of self-sabotage

Dr Nelson discovered that his patients´ aches and pains were often associated with "Trapped Emotions" (negative energy) in the body. The premise is that this energy can exert an influence on physical tissues of the body causing acute discomfort and potential disease. The release of the "emotional baggage" can restore our physical and emotional balance so that we can live healthier and happier lives!

Lynda Brettle - Expat Mentors on the Costa Blanca

What happens in a session?

It is not at all like a counselling or therapy session. There is no need for long discussions about issues.

  • - Muscle Testing, a form of biofeedback, taps into the knowledge stored in your subconscious mind.
  • - Yes or No answers to questions allows the practitioner to assess your body's responses
  • - Trapped Emotions are often identified. These energies may affect physical and emotional wellness.
  • - Energy is released using magnetic fields and the principles of ancient Chinese medicine.

Many clients have reported experiencing immediate relief after their first session! Most of us have hundreds of Trapped Emotions and clearing these will likely take multiple sessions.

Lynda is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner - just contact her for further information and / or to book a session, which can be held in person or remotely via Skype/Zoom

Body Code:

Lynda also works as a certified practitioner with the BODY CODE which incorporates the Emotion Code. This is an expanded, and more detailed, patented energy balancing system intended to help uncover the root causes of physical discomfort, sickness and suffering.

The Body Code provides the opportunity to delve even deeper, and with broader scope, to identify and reset the imbalances which can underlie many troubling conditions, thus enabling the body's own amazing capacity for self - healing to occur quickly and with maximum effect. Using a very similar de-coding system, a Body Code session (which incorporates the Emotion Code) goes even further and can help identify and correct physical misalignments and imbalances – often these also have an underlying emotional cause. The Body Code covers six areas:

Emotion Code and Body Code from the Expat Mentors / Lynda Brettle
  • - Emotional Wellness
  • - Body System Balance
  • - Toxin Resolution
  • - Pathogen Resolution
  • - Structural Balance
  • - Nutrition and Lifestyle

Belief Code:

From 2024 Lynda also offers sessions in the Belief Code, which enables the dismantling of the negative belief systems (often formed in very early childhood) that hold us back.

Belief Code from the Expat Mentors / Lynda Brettle