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Offering life coaching, personal counselling and emotional healing at home or away. Helping expatriates handle the psychological and stressful aspects of life abroad.

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The COVID 19 pandemic has caused more people than ever before to seek help. Are you feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Out of balance mentally or physically? Calming the mind and developing a positive mental attitude brings great benefit to all aspects of your life experience wherever you are and whatever your age. You CAN bounce back, heal and thrive!

Counselling and coaching on the Costa Blanca in Spain

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My name is Lynda, and I have a wealth of experience with over thirty-five years living and working all over the world, dealing with people from every walk of life and widely diverse cultural backgrounds. Over the past decade I have gradually moved away from my original career, and organisational management, into life coaching, mentoring, personal counselling and natural energy healing of Reiki treatments. I am also pleased to offer the very latest techniques to clear trapped emotions that often cause or contribute to ongoing mental distress or even physical ailments. Relief truly can be rapid!

The international travel and expat lifestyle I enjoyed combined with my passion for mental health and wellbeing enables me to connect particularly with overseas clients online - wherever they may be based. Wherever we travel we always take ourselves with us. An escape from home to go and "live the dream" can occasionally end up as a nightmare though if we bring unresolved personal issues along in our suitcase. When layers of new challenges then land on top it can sometimes result in overwhelm. I can help you clear that heavy emotional baggage!

Equally, if you are home based my multi-disciplinary approach in assisting you with problem solving, healing emotional wounds, goal setting and mentoring for success, can help you to thrive!

Just use the links below to make contact and have an initial chat.

I look forward to hearing from you – Lynda